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Type: Erasmus+ KA2
Project number: 2020-1-PL01-KA227-YOU-096282
Duration: 15.06.2021-14.02.2023
Coordinator: LEVEL UP, Poland
Project Background: Due to the pandemic, young people face many difficulties to be able to expand their skills, competencies and work experience. Many opportunities have been closed due to restrictions, quarantine, closed borders, etc. Youth workers and educators were forced to stop their activities or move everything to an online form. It was a very difficult time for everyone to overcome the new barriers.
Main aim:  During the project, we would like to learn about the good practices that have been implemented by European organizations during the mandatory restrictions that have ensured and maintained the motivation of young people and helped them to be socially and professionally active. We will map the possibilities of using digital learning tools to prepare creative lessons and create a tool that will help volunteers and organizations match and meet their needs and expectations. In addition, we will promote the possibilities of e-volunteering as a way to increase skills and competencies.

Planned outcomes:

  1. O1 – Research among NGOs across Europe on how different organizations managed to keep young people active during the pandemic. The created research will be conducted across Europe. The results will be valuable for organizations and governments as feedback on how active the third sector has remained during the crisis and how much it has involved young people in its activities.
  2. O2 – Virtual games as a new tool to engage and educate young people.
  3. O3 – A screening test will be prepared for both the prospective volunteer and the prospective NGO who intend to cooperate. The same questionnaire will be filled in by the organization that is looking for a volunteer and by the volunteer who is looking for social action, and the results will be shown to them after the completion.
  4. 12 educators from four countries will have the chance to increase their IT knowledge and skills during an international training course in Larissa, Greece

Participating organisations:

LEVEL UP: Poland (Project leader)










Proutist Universal Malta: Malta (Project partner)









Co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of European Union

Project Logo
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