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Look Like Me


Look Like Me



LOOK LIKE ME project aims to develop a training and educational plan that has a direct impact on teachers and students in secondary education (14-18 years old) to prevent the potential problems that gender discrimination can cause in adulthood.

Our main objective is to develop Emotional Intelligence, Nonviolent Communication and Alternative Masculinities models to:

* Deconstruct traditional gender stereotypes and their replacement by more egalitarian, inclusive and diverse ones.
* Promote equal opportunities and the prevention of gender violence.
* Provide students with competences in order to empower and critically position themselves in the face of stereotypes, inequality and gender violence.

* Train teachers in the three areas mentioned above as well as in the use of the educational tools provided by this project, to fight against gender stereotypes and their consequences on their students.


– Know and identify gender biases
– Avoid the generation of gender roles and their early assimilation.
РTo understand stereotypes and social clichés in pre-adult age. To show the limiting beliefs associated with these false cultural, social or ability patterns.
– To approach stereotypes from an evolutionary perspective in order to break them down in adolescence.
– Develop the concept of new masculinities
– Addressing emotional management for diversity and social inclusion.

– Learning to communicate in a non-violent and non-discriminatory way.

1st Newsletter of the Project:

Look Like Me Newsletter (DE)

2nd Newsletter of the Project:

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