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LookLikeMe TPM in Vienna, Austria


LookLikeMe TPM in Vienna, Austria

Gender stereotypes reinforce the notion that certain traits, behaviours, and abilities are inherently associated with one gender. This can lead to #discrimination and #inequality, where girls and boys are not given equal opportunities to succeed in areas that are deemed “appropriate” for their gender. Deconstructing these stereotypes promotes equality and allows individuals to pursue their interests and aspirations without being limited by their gender.
When students are taught to question and challenge gender stereotypes, it encourages critical thinking and helps them develop a more nuanced understanding of gender and its impact on society. This can also lead to a greater appreciation of diversity and a more inclusive school environment and to be more inclusive and empathetic leaders in their communities and workplaces in the future.
On 24 and 25 April 2023, partners of #LookLikeMe met in Vienna, Austria for the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting, where they had an overview of the finalised project tasks and discussed the next steps of the project.
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