Vienna Association of Education Volunteers
Vienna Association of Education Volunteers
Vienna Association of Education Volunteers
Vienna Association of Education Volunteers
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Who are we?

VAEV is a non-governmental organization established in Wien to delivers programmes of community based activities to young people from areas of high social deprivation. Community activities take the form of physical activities, group work, volunteering, employability and personal development sessions.

VAEV improves young people’s physical and mental health and well-being, confidence and self-esteem, aspirations, personal responsibility and life chances by engaging them in structured, positive activities that work across communities and are delivered by role models with experienced and trained youth workers.

Main aims of VAEV are:

  • To promote, through volunteering and coaching, personal development, health & well-being and employment prospects of disengaged and vulnerable young people
  • To provide or assist in the provision of services to assist young people in their personal development, to develop their mental and practical skills so that they may increase their level of activity and, or become active members of their local community – To focus attention of the community at large on social issues with a view to creating a sense of individual and community responsibility and participation in the remedying of these problems
  • To encourage the cooperation and partnership of voluntary groups, statutory authorities, private enterprise and individuals in the service to the community
  • To contribute in youth social integration issues
  • To promote young people’s personal development and self-exploration;
  • To contribute active involvement in local and international initiatives
  • To promote intercultural dialogue, expansion of international cooperation and culture of peace

Our activities

VAEV provides services within a framework of sustainable development of the addresses.

Training courses & seminars

Social development program

Volunteering & social service

Academic research

VAEV Team organizes research and case studies with white papers to improve the knowledge of the reality can facilitate the social inclusion and the active citizenship. Research activities are focus on social and cognitive development, people’s experiences for promoting social and academic functioning.

VAEV’s organization topics: Access for disadvantaged, creativity & culture, disabilities (special needs), early school leaving, economic & financial affairs, enhance social inclusion, equal opportunities, entrepreneurial learning, EU awareness & democracy, healthy lifestyle, ICT (digital competences), inclusion, integration of immigrants, open & distance learning, recognition – transparency – certification, social dialogue, support the mobility of volunteers, volunteering.

Our courses

Our courses is dedicated to teachers, trainers and youth workers that want to develop Professional skills with interactive and inspiring workshops in a friendly atmosphere.

VAEV trainers are highly competent in developing learners’ soft skills. Game based learning & gamification, mentoring & peer coaching, entrepreneurship approaches and effective communication are among the most popular. But there are many training courses.

Vocational education system in Austria
Comparison of educational systems
Digital tools for learning assessment
Preventing early school leaving
Game based learning and gamification
Renewable energy systems
Validation of volunteers’ work
Mentoring and peer coaching
Social Entrepreneurship approaches
Effective communication
Inclusive education methods
ICT for newly arrived migrants
Integration process of immigrants


Accessible peer interaction with disabled youth
Positive leisure time as positivist youth peer pedagogy
Sport training for all
The European social and transversal competence passport for youth with disabilities
The Castles on the Danube – Our Linking Heritage
EQF oriented assessment tools for prior learning in adult education
Tablet- Based Cognitive Gaming Platform for Seniors 
The European social and transversal competence passport for youth with disabilities
Youth Empowerment trough Community Media Volunteering
To develop growing European micro-enterprises using digital technologies supported via a coaching programme
Move Beyond
3D Print Training Modules For Electric-Electronic Teachers In Vocational High Schools
Digital inclusion of adults – let’s learn from examples of good practices
Digital Skills Development for 21st Century Adult Education Trainers
Montessori Method in Teaching 2nd Language to Adults
Student Transition in Education Paths
Let’s Move The Classroom To The Museums 
Journalism as learning tool



Austrian Word Summit


Inclusive Sports Training


Cultural Literacy in Today’s Inclusive Europe


Digital Skills Development for Adult Education Trainers


Survey and Need Analysis for Inclusive Society


Soluntions for Micro-Entreprises in COVID19 Global Crisis